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VTLE stands for Virtual Teaching & Learning Environment

Virtual – The VTLE is a virtual space accessible via a web browser at any time and from any location.

Teaching – Staff can use the VTLE to facilitate teaching – for example sharing lesson plans with other teachers electronically and delivering resources and activities to students electronically.

Learning – Learning is facilitated by online courses where students are free to access resources and activities independently of scheduled lessons. This has proven to be invaluable for exams revision.

Environment – The VTLE provides an online environment for the Ossett Sixth Form community to interact. This community includes Students, Teachers, Governors and Parents.

Ossett Academy has chosen to use an open-source VTLE called ‘Moodle’. The Moodle software is completely free and also it is 100% customisable. This has enabled Ossett Academy to add various features, which are not commonly available to all VTLEs.


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