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Your PPT

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We appreciate that the change from Year 11 to Year 12 can feel like a big step for many students and our focus is making sure you get the best possible start and that you are fully supported through the whole of your sixth form journey. Whether you are moving up from Year 11 at Ossett Academy, or joining the college from another school, you will find yourself in an unfamiliar environment, with a very different study programme than that which you previously experienced at GCSE.

Your Personal Progress Tutor (PPT) will help you make a smooth transition and will be on hand to support you throughout your college life.  Your PPT will help you tackle the challenges ahead, give you advice on study skills and managing your time so that you learn to effectively prioritise and organise your college work and other personal commitments. You will meet with them on a weekly basis for a group tutorial session, but you will also meet on an individual level for frequent one-to-one appraisals where you will discuss many aspects of your life in college including your progress, future  aspirations and social development.  Your PPT will definitely challenge you to meet the high standards that we hope all our students will set themselves, but they will also be there to provide the scaffolding and support structures that you may need along the way.

We aim to stretch and challenge our students through high quality teaching and learning ensuring students are given every opportunity to produce outstanding achievements. Although applying for the top universities in the UK is the aim of many students, we do of course recognise that this may not be a route for everyone and we therefore also ensure full support for those students who are seeking apprenticeship or employment at the end of their time with us.

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