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Revision (KS4): Modern Foreign Languages

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_empty_space height=”32px”][vc_column_text]USEFUL REVISION WEBSITES – all students have log-ins to this website and it follows our course book. There is a range of activities available that practise all skills required when learning a language. – Go to the intermediate section (GCSE Level).

username: ossettmfl

Password: 055ettmfl – this is completely free and has a lot of useful grammar and topic based revision at all levels.

I am Learning – via the VTLE. This is excellent reading, listening and exam practice. It has it all and it’s all based on learning through fun games!



Learn vocabulary! – You have been given vocabulary booklets. Start looking through the different sections and learn 10 new items of vocabulary every day! There are also detailed vocabulary lists on kerboodle where you can also listen to audio versions to get used to how words sound. Vocab vocab vocab!!!

Read the question carefully – Look out for words in bold as this might highlight exactly what you need to look for in the text.

Look for key words – you don’t need to understand every word.

Look out for false friends / distracters – these are there to put you off! Be clever and learn them beforehand!

Answer every question – never leave a gap!

Read the questions before the listening recording starts – don’t waste the 5 minutes at the start. Write down any words you may need to listen out for.

Keep calm – If you miss the meaning the first time, it will be repeated. If you miss it the second time, don’t waste time worrying about it, concentrate on the next section.



Edmodo – all students are members of the Year 11 French / German / Spanish groups and past papers are uploaded every month.