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Programmes of Study

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At Ossett Sixth Form College we aim to inspire innovative and self-confident leaders who will have the perseverance, resilience and determination to offer creative solutions to challenging and complex problems.  All our students are encouraged to achieve their full potential and we are fully committed to the process of enterprise education, equipping all our students with the necessary skills, confidence and qualifications required to thrive in a global economic environment. Our curriculum is designed to deliver a personalised study programme for all of our Post 16 students.  Students will study for either 3 or 4 academic qualifications or a Level 3 BTEC vocational subject or in a few cases a mixed programme of both.  Students are also supported in their study by their Personal Progress Tutor (PPT), in addition all students also have allocated private study periods scheduled onto their timetable.  Students are further encouraged to access a range of enrichment activities available at the college.  Our aim is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which aims to develop a skill set which will serve to improve employability and widen our student’s life experiences beyond their time at Ossett Sixth form College. 

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Click on the following link for our guide to A Level Reform and what this means for students.

Ossett Sixth A Level Reform Guide

For further advice & guidance on A Level reform please see:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]BTEC

There are two sub-types of the qualification; Diploma (equivalent to two A Levels) and Extended Diploma (equivalent to three A Levels). All are covered over two years and therefore two years study must be completed to obtain accreditation. 


Your Courses

In year 12 students typically study 4 subjects before progressing to 3 subjects in the final year.  Students are given advice and guidance about taking particular subject combinations, this is particularly important for students who have specific career aspirations such as veterinary science, medicine and teaching.

You will be advised about taking particular combinations of subjects, and those with particular career aspirations, such as Medicine, will be given guidance as to which subjects will be essential for further study.



This additional qualification provides an opportunity for you to pursue your own academic interests in a chosen topic. Your ‘Extended Project’ can be either a specific essay-based study or the production of an ‘artefact’ (play, video, book, sculpture, photographic journal). Although this is an independent study project, you will receive support through access to a supervisor and taught sessions which cover a range of study skills such as referencing, research methods and writing techniques. The taught element is supplemented with support from the University of Leeds to provide a real experience of University style learning. 

The EPQ is offered as a stand-alone qualification at AS grade, although, unlike standard AS levels, the EPQ attracts a potential A* grade. This qualification is studied alongside your chosen subjects in year 12/13. This valuable qualification allows you to develop a wide range of useful skills for either employment or higher level study and will gain you additional UCAS points for your university applications.


Additional curriculum

At Ossett Sixth Form College we believe it is essential for Sixth Form students to get involved in the wider school community and gain invaluable skills and experiences from this involvement. Enrichment activities are designed to help give you the opportunity to become resilient, self-motivated individuals.  In addition our Student Senior Leadership structure gives participating students the opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills.