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Linacre Institute

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This is a project, which we believe has life-changing potential for our most able Sixth Form students. The Linacre Institute aims to help talented students at northern comprehensives fulfil their full potential by bridging the gap between northern comprehensive schools and our most competitive universities.

The institute’s trustees include some of the country’s leading figures in education, academia, government and media and its sister scheme in London has already helped more than 60% of its students win Oxbridge places, against an average of 20%.

The programme offers residential master classes, intensive academic support and provision of horizon-widening experiences and is built round weeklong residential schools in Westminster and Cambridge, led by exceptional teachers and academics. Students will be taught knowledge and subject skills which take them beyond the curriculum and prepare them to take their part in the world’s intellectual conversation. In the afternoons and evenings the programme offers a rich range of inspirational experiences, including workshops led by leading professionals in inspirational places, such as Parliament, Oxbridge colleges and national newspapers. This is then followed up by intensive mentoring throughout the university applications process.


The summer school was a deeply enriching experience. It gave me a real idea of what is like to study English at Cambridge. It also showed me how rewarding it is to be taught by inspiring academics and socialise with people who, just like me, like to learn and be intellectually challenged.

– Candidate for English at Cambridge



We hope that the support on offer through our OSC scholars programme will enable all our students to realise their true potential.  We aim to foster curiosity and broaden horizons.  In addition we also aim to support our students during their time at university and offer a limited number of student bursary packages, which are awarded, to students selected from our full Year 13 leavers cohort each year.  This token monetary contribution towards their studies is presented during a ‘Bursary Brunch’ event attended by our award winners and their families.