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Open Events


There are a number of events that are designed to help you make informed decisions about your Post-16 education.

Our October open evening provides a real opportunity for students and parents to visit the many subjects’ areas on offer. Teaching staff will be available in all curriculum areas and will be able to discuss subject choices, and course requirements. Students currently studying at the college will also be present to talk through their experiences of the different subjects and to help give advice and guidance on making decisions. In addition our Senior Students and Sixth Form Support Staff are present to talk to you and answer questions about subject choice and life in the Sixth Form.

Our second open event takes place in November; this provides a second opportunity for students and parents to meet with staff and students to discuss course choices and requirements. Again both the Post 16 team and Senior Leadership staff will be present to answer additional questions.

After these open events, the online application closes in January. Interviews will then take place in January and February. Students applying from outside of Ossett Academy may be interviewed at their current school by a visiting members of the Post 16 Team from the college. This process for external students is designed to minimize any disruption to your Year 11 studies.

In the summer term after the completion of the GCSE examinations, an induction event will take place to further prepare you for life in the Sixth Form. This event is designed to familiarise you with processes in the college, but more importantly to ensure that you are comfortable in your new environment and so that you begin to make new friends and know key staff before the start of term. You will be provided with a timetable for the day and given opportunity to sample lessons in your chosen subjects. You will also be given information about the bridging material available in each of your subjects; this will comprise of small tasks/forward reading or research that you will need to carry out over the summer holiday in preparation for you starting college in September. You will also get to meet you Personal Progress tutor (PPT) who will be your key point of contact and support when college stars in the Autumn term.

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