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Careers Guidance




The careers department at Ossett Sixth Form College provides information, advice and guidance to all students on a wide range of issues to help them build the skills they will need for working life.



All students in the sixth form will see the careers advisor to enable them to make informed decisions about their future career choices, whether that is support for applying to University, apprenticeships, discussing gap/volunteer opportunities or for general employment opportunities. The service is totally personalised to meet the individual’s needs, whatever they may be.

The careers department operates an impartial careers service and is a member of the Careers Development Institute (CDI) and subscribes to the institutes code of practice.



At the college students have access to a wide variety of career resources both web and paper based. In the ILC there are prospectuses for all the universities nationally, local further education colleges, as well as access to internet sites for researching career information and opportunities in general.

The college is licensed to use U-Explore which is an impartial careers program that has a vast amount of information about a variety of different careers. It offers students the chance to research what qualifications are required for the job, what hours they could expect to work and what salary they can expect for that career. Students and Parents can use the site to see how the subjects they are studying relate to different careers and help them progress academically into apprenticeships, further and higher education

In addition to the personalised service provided by the careers department students can access careers resources and support from a variety of other sources listed below:

– Registering on to access impartial information on hundreds of different careers and the options available at post 16 and 18. This program is licensed to Ossett Academy & Sixth Form College and requires a code to utilise the system. To help register on the program and navigate your way round see a member of the careers team or the ILC learning mentor.

– Access support from the National Career’s Services online or by phone on 0800 100 900.

– Using the Careers Courses on the VTLE. You can also use the VTLE to ask a careers question or request an appointment and access other useful information.


Going to University is big decision, but once you have made it, you will be supported all the way through the process to ensure you apply for the right course and university that suits you. The careers department is here to support you through the decision making process and to help you to make the choice. To help you do the research the websites below will provide you with a wealth of information: – Official site where all students apply for all Universities & Further Education Colleges degree courses – Helpful for reaching universities & general careers research Helpful for deciding on which courses & career to chose – Statistics on university courses & league tables – Information about when open days are due to take place – Information on student tuition fees and application details – An easy way to order and find online prospectus – Useful guide to university life – Informative guide to help you research courses – General guide to finding a course & university life – Guide to choosing higher education courses[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]


Ossett Sixth Form College is a partner school of Newcastle University. This brings many benefits to Ossett sixth form students in supporting us to raise students aspirations and encourage where appropriate progression to a Russell Group University. The partnership entitles students at the academy to many things, including:

– Free taster days/residential for year 12 & 13 students – subject to eligibility criteria.

– Lower than the typical offer for certain degree programs e.g. if the typical offer is AAB at A level then partner schools can benefit from a lower offer being given by 2 grades lower, such as BBB. This is subject to successful completion of a summer school and meeting set eligibility criteria, which many Ossett Academy students do.

– Subject specific workshops delivered on site to support sixth form students with the UCAS application process.

– Entitlement to apply for a generous bursary scheme – subject to eligibility criteria.

You can find out more about the Newcastle Partnership at: or speak to Mr Green or Mrs Wickham in the careers department.



Apprenticeships are a good alternative to going to university and the careers department has excellent relationships with many local, regional and national employers such as BAE Systems and YPO. Any student applying for apprenticeships will be supported through the application process with CV support, help to complete the application forms and mock interview practice. The websites below will assist with your search for apprenticeship opportunities: – National Apprenticeship service website where all apprenticeship vacancies are advertised – Apprenticeships within the Wakefield City Council – Apprenticeships supported through Wakefield Apprenticeship Hub – Apprenticeships within Kirklees Council – Apprenticeships within Leeds City Council – Information about national employer training and sponsored degree programmes

All apprenticeship vacancies notified to Ossett Sixth Form College are uploaded to the Edmodo site.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]


Gap years can be a valuable way of gaining life and work experience to enable students to progress with their careers plans. Employers and universities particularly value gaps years when it focuses on a student’s career path and adds valuable experience to their future career choice.– Volunteering abroad opportunities– Opportunities to travel and volunteer abroad – Volunteering & Projects abroad– General volunteering opportunities– General volunteering opportunities[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]


The careers department utlises Edmodo, which is a secure online facility that students sign up to use. Edmodo helps provide careers advice and guidance and assists in communicating careers information to students. Local, regional and national apprenticeship vacancies are posted on here along with application details and support tools to help students to complete applications forms. Edmodo is also used to update students on university information; in particular taster and open days and general deadlines e.g. job applications and student finance.

Every student is given a login code to sign up to Edmodo at the beginning of the academic year and are encourage to download the Edmodo ‘app’ to enable quick and easy access.



Ossett Academy and the Sixth Form College host an annual Careers Convention for students from all year groups in the autumn term. The convention involves employers and educators from both regional and national organisations offering advice and information on Apprenticeships, Work, Higher Education and Gap Years. All sixth formers will have the opportunity to attend this event.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]UNIque HIGHER EDUCATION FAIR

The annual HE Unique Fair took place on Wednesday 9th May 2018 to provide information, advice and guidance to our 6th form  and prospective students on the courses available to them at University. The event was attended by over 25 Universities and HE providers from across the country. Parents and students attended presentations about the UCAS application process and Student Finance, copies of which are available at the links below…




Work experience is encouraged by Ossett Sixth Form College as it can provide students with valuable experience which will support your future applications for university, apprenticeship or employment. It also provides a real insight and experience of the ‘world of work’. Work experience can be carried out as part of enrichment activities on a Wednesday afternoon or on a block placement anything from 1 day up to 2 weeks in length in the summer term. Students are encouraged to research and arrange their own placement with the support of the careers department



As a student of Ossett Sixth Form College the Career Department provide you with the entitled to:

– Individual and impartial careers guidance from a level 6 qualified careers professional in line with careers guidance statutory regulations.

– Be treated with respect.

– The opportunity to gain the skills that you need to prosper in your chosen career.

– Access to up to date careers information that is suitable to your needs.

– Information about all the options available to you at 16 and 18 years of age.

– An action plan to help you make the next steps on your journey to your chosen career.

– Be referred for extra support if you need it and to other agencies where appropriate.



As a parent/guardian of a student at Ossett Sixth Form College you are entitled to:

– Speak to an impartial careers guidance member of staff about their career and education plans.

– A copy of your son/daughters career action plans, with their permission.

– Impartial and up to date information on a range topics including: University, Apprenticeships, Student Finance and Gap/Volunteering opportunities.

– Attend events and parents evenings designed to offer you information and advice on your son/daughters future e.g .UniQue, HE Fair

– Attend your son/daughter’s careers interview, with their permission.

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